What is Nature Explorer?

Nature Explorer is a collaborative program of Arbor Day Foundation and Dimensions Educational Research Foundation.  Through this collaboration the Nature Explorer program encourages outdoor classrooms not just at schools but anywhere you may have an outdoor space.  The Nature Explore program supports your important efforts to connect children with nature by offering…


Outdoor Classroom Design Services to help you create nurturing, nature-based outdoor spaces
Workshops & Conferences to share effective, inspiring ideas for enhancing children’s learning with nature
Natural Products for Outdoor Classrooms, field-tested components that support children’s interests and creativity
Family Resources to inspire nature connections at home
Sustainability Network to help programs connect and share ideas (this includes a growing network of Certified Nature Explore Classrooms around the nation)
Research and Field-testing as the foundation for all our programs and resources

Here is a link for their website to learn more: https://natureexplore.org/


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