Alabama’s Environmental Literacy Plan

If you were at our 2013 conference at the Little River Canyon Center, you heard our State Superintendent of Education Dr. Tommy Bice present the draft of Alabama’s Environmental Literacy Plan entitled Alabama Alive! A State Environmental Literacy Plan. Once approved, this document will serve as a guide for best EE practices in our state.

You can download it here: ALABAMA ALIVE Draft for review by SDE

How can you help with it? First of all, read it (always a good start). Then, spread the news and let us know how your educational activities support this document and vice versa. It wasn’t written to reinvent the wheel, but to provide a framework of current practice upon which even better practices can be developed. Alabama Alive! was written to support and document our practices, not codify them.

The 2013 Alabama Alive! A State Environmental Literacy Plan provides the framework for establishing an environmental education plan in Alabama. The plan is designed to help students achieve knowledge and skills regarding current environmental challenges, including making informed decisions and finding solutions; identify their roles as engaged and responsible citizens who are stewards of the environment; and realize how local and state environmental issues in Alabama relate to environmental issues in the nation and in the world.

Dr. Thomas R. Bice, from the State Superintendent of Education’s message in Alabama Alive!