BEEP Award Program

BEEP_coinAs part of the challenge to improve education, state leaders have recognized the relevance and need for better environmental education (EE) in Alabama schools and communities. Alabama has an abundance of natural resources and EE helps to connect our citizens to these. Environmental education can be readily incorporated into almost every academic subject – language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education, vocational education, art, economics, and music. EE can make studying these subjects more interesting and relevant to everyday life. Through a host of problem-solving strategies, cooperative school/community projects, and innovative teaching methods, environmental education can serve as a tool for improving education in practically any school discipline.

In order to promote and encourage the infusion of environmental education into Alabama schools and communities, the Environmental Education Association of Alabama is pleased to present the 2017 BEEP Awards: The Best Environmental Education Programs in Alabama. This annual awards program recognizes outstanding efforts and projects conducted by students, educators, schools, community groups, and individuals who enhance environmental quality and citizen awareness of the environment.

The application for this year’s BEEP Award Program can be downloaded here: Beep-Nominations-2018
NOTE: The deadline for 2018 award submissions is (postmarked by) January 12, 2018.

Our newest BEEP category—the Jeffrey Scott Hughes Lifetime Achievement Award—recognizes those few individuals who have devoted their lives to making a difference in environmental education. Jeff Hughes was an individual whose actions, efforts and contributions impacted not only environmental education in Alabama, but also the lives of so many of the people who met or knew him. His legacy is seen throughout Alabama. This award may not be awarded annually.

To be eligible for nomination the following criteria must be met:
1. The nominee must be nominated by someone other than his or her self.

2. The nominee must have completed the majority of his or her environmental education work in Alabama.

3. The nominee must have been involved in environmental education for a minimum of 20 years.

4. The nominee’s contributions must have had a significant, recognizable impact on environmental education in the state of Alabama.

To nominate an individual for the Jeffrey Scott Hughes Lifetime Achievement Award, submit the nominee form (above) along with a summary of the guidelines listed above.