Project Wet

May 24 (9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.)  Workshop – Project WET: Environmental Studies Center, Mobile, AL 

                Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) teaches water education for children, parents, teachers and communities of the world.  The issue of water is expected to define the 21st century.  Every day, the quality and quantity of water resources affect the health and well-being of the planet’s nearly 7 billion people.  Despite that, one in eight people worldwide – many of them children – lack access to adequate supplies of clean, safe water.  The total amount of water on Earth cannot be increased, but we can learn to protect, conserve and better manage the water resources available to us.  Critical to our ability to do this is making effective, solutions-oriented water education accessible to educators, students and community members worldwide.  Through water education, individuals learn to identify their water address, discover their role in the hydrological cycle, analyze their water footprint, and recognize that water knows no boundaries as it flows through and connects us all.  Participants will receive the Project WET curriculum.

Project WET Educator Workshop

Project WET teaches about water resources through hands-on, investigative, easy-to-use activities. In addition to educating students about water, Project WET activities also develop skills such as teamwork, decision making and problem solving. These skills and knowledge prepare learners for the water resource challenges of this century. The curriculum spans grades K-12 with something to offer for all students.
Saturday May 24, 2014 9 am-12 pm
Environmental Studies Center 6101 Girby Road
Mobile AL 36693 RSVP: Anita Salinas

Sponsored by the Environmental Education Association of Alabama (EEAA). Participants receive the Project WET curriculum. If it applies to you, please sign up in STIPD!

Contact Information:  Anita Salinas, Resource Teacher, Environmental Studies Center.  Email: