Susan Caplow

Susan Caplow

Susan Caplow

Susan Caplow

Susan is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies with the University of Montevallo

Susan has not yet been a member of EEAA, but has been involved with the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)  since 2011.

Her post-secondary education:

Ph.D in Ecology from UNC-Chapel Hill
M.S. in Environmental Science and Policy from Central European University
B.A. in Public Policy Analysis/Biology from Pomona College

Her additional certifications:

Formerly NAI-CIG (2003-2013)

Her experiences in environmental education:

Held educator positions at Warner Nature Center (MN), Monteverde Butterfly Garden (Costa Rica), Haw River State Park (NC), and Carolina Raptor Center (NC)

Studied animal-themed education programs at three different institutions for dissertation work, and continue to do research in environmental education settings

Taught “Environmental Education and Behavior Change” at UM in 2015, and plan to teach it every other spring

Her goals for EEAA:

Before I do anything, I would like to spend time learning more about the organization, as I am a relatively new resident of Alabama – so at this point, my biggest goal is to listen! However, I do have a few general ideas to share. First, I would like to help increase connectivity with the regional and national levels of NAAEE, as I know there’s a lot we can all learn from each other in those settings. Second, I am interested in developing a state-level certification program for EEAA. Finally, I am interested in connecting my own research agenda with EEAA so that we can work on projects that help us improve environmental education outcomes in Alabama.