Tarrant Lanier

Tarrant Lanier

Tarrant Lanier

Tarrant Lanier

Tarrant is the founder and executive director of Victory Teaching Farm in Mobile, Alabama

Tarrant has not been a member of EEAA in the past.

Her post-secondary education:

– Springhill College – Organizational Leadership

Her additional certifications:

“I was mentored for 2 years by an organic farming veteran from TN. We worked hands on in the first community garden that my organization started. Over the course of the 2 years we covered topics such as organic farming and sustainability, food systems, market farming, education and national resources. I attended the Beyond Pesticides national conference 2 years in a row and was involved in the annual board meetings as part of the mentorship.”

Her experiences in environmental education:

“I founded the nonprofit, urban teaching farm, Victory Teaching Farm. It is the first and only urban teaching farm in South Alabama. Our focus is educating our community with a specific focus on youth, the importance of sustainable agriculture and the relation to our environment, health and economy. Since 2011, the organization has worked with multiple entities including a community center, a transitional housing program for homeless women and children, 2 local schools and our local food bank to start gardens and/or garden education programs. On the farm, we provide hands on educational opportunities for interested community members centered on sustainable agriculture and the overall benefits. We conduct educational, hands on field trips for youth, host interns from our local university, work with local students in completing service hours and school related projects and host community volunteers. We work with local restaurants, farmers and our local grocery store chain in efforts to promote and create a local, sustainably grown and produced food system. We recently were awarded a USDA Specialty Crop grant to expand programs and production at the farm this year and have been requested by the Alabama Commissioner of Agriculture to work with the State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and a local public elementary school to create a model school garden education program complete with curriculum and metrics that can eventually be duplicated throughout the Mobile County School System.”

Her goals for EEAA:

My goals are to expand my network of partners and professional relationships in environmental education and gain new resources that will help my organization continue to strengthen and promote sustainable agriculture programs in my community.