Professional Development Fund

The Environmental Education Association of Alabama provides its members with opportunities for financial assistance to attend professional training workshops and conferences in science and environmental education. EEAA’s Professional Development Fund (PDF) was started in 1995 as a project to help teachers become better environmental educators.

In order to fund the project, EEAA conducts an auction during its annual Environmental Education Conference, typically comprising such items as teaching materials, biofacts, bird houses and feeders, crafts and works of art to name just a few. From the proceeds of this auction, EEAA provides its members a quarterly opportunity to apply for up to $250 to help defray costs for attending teacher workshops, environmental classes and training, science education conferences, and other professional development pursuits.

To date, EEAA has granted over $10,000 in funds through its Professional Development Fund helping Alabama teachers become better environmental educators! An application for EEAA’s Professional Development Fund is included in each issue of the EEAA NEWS, a quarterly newsletter provided to EEAA members.

The application for a PDF grant is here: Professional Development Funds Application