President’s Message, March 2014

Beckwith 2014

(l-r) Heather Montgomery, Maggie Johnston, Dr. George Crozier, Tim Gels
-photo by Cathie Mayne

By Tim Gels, March, 2014

Like so many people, as I walk through the woods near my home in North Alabama and see the trees beginning to blossom and the birds beginning to nest, I’m excited about the end of another winter and the beginning of another season of outdoor activities. I do love being outside in the wintertime, but even more so I enjoy the site of families being outside enjoying all the beauty and diversity that our amazing state has to offer. From the highland rim in the north to the coastal plain in the south, as well as everything in between, Alabama is a state with an environmental diversity that can be considered second to none.

I’m also excited about the state-wide role that the Environmental Education Association of Alabama has to play in the upcoming year. Whether it’s simply getting educators out on the trail or providing them with focused professional development, EEAA is in a position to have an impact on the future of this state through its influence with our young people. We’re not an organization with a political agenda, but our mission—to enhance formal and informal educators’ abilities to connect people to the natural world in order to foster responsible stewardship—is one of lasting value and tremendous importance. We’ve only got one environment, and it’s in the best interest of everyone to take care of it.

I’m looking forward to serving with EEAA as president in the upcoming year. I hope to see more educators than ever before at our workshops, events, and conference in the next 12 months. Our calendar is filling, but still has plenty of open space; contact me if you want to see (or lead!) an event for your EEAA. I can be reached using our contact form—please feel free to get with me if you have questions or input for the upcoming year and beyond.

Get outside!