One Time Opportunities

There are many ways to be involved with EEAA. Some folks aren’t able to commit to a long-term project, but they still have a lot to offer EE in Alabama. Here are some ways you can contribute:

Write for our newsletter or website. Do you have a story to tell? An event to share? Knowledge to pass on?  If so, consider writing for either our newsletter or website. Contact us for more information.

Recruit nominees for EEAA’s Board of Directors. Our board is comprised of folks who are interested in furthering EE in Alabama. If you know someone with that same goal who would be interested in serving at that level, please contact us for more information. Board nominations are accepted throughout the year, and elections take place at our annual meeting held during our conference.

Help get the word about EEAA out to your friends and colleagues. Our organization is always looking for ways we can help serve EE in Alabama. By letting others know about what we have to offer, you’re helping contribute to the success of our mission!